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I'm a simple, warm and sensitive lady who loves to welcome friends and family to my home. I also love photography, baking and cake decorating, cross stitch, reading romantic novels, collecting (Precious Moments, Dreamcicles, Partylite candles & accessories), loves to listen to love songs and instrumental music and of course chatting with friends in Yahoo Messenger. I have a great passion for helping indigent families and kids that’s why I created a nonprofit public charity foundation, dedicated to hands-on community service, mentoring and fundraising for less fortunate kids and their families. Our main purpose is to bring help, healing and hope to neglected children and their families in Third World Countries currently Philippines and Brazil. I find my greatest fulfillment when I do what God has called me to do. It is neither the fame nor the fortune that fulfills me. It is only when I am in my passion I feel complete... I do this for the Love of God and the children!!! Please join me in our campaign to make a difference in the lives of children and their families... Touching hearts and changing lives... One heart at a time...

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We Were Meant to Be...

We were meant to be
long before we were born,
and we came together
to help each other
find who we really are,
and become all that
we were destined to be.

We'll struggle through
the hard times and
grow through them.

We'll overcome
whatever obstacles
life puts before us,
and we'll only get better
with time.

And as the years pass,
our love will grow and blossom,
because we were meant to be!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A painful gift of LOVE…

This story was told to me by one of my friends, who awakened   me to what the quest of Love is all about.

Faith was a godly woman, who carried herself well, and who was gifted with exceptional intelligence.  Faith was a missionary and loved her apostolic work, doing whatever she could to make someone's life easier.
During her apostolic trip, she ran into her childhood sweetheart, whom she hadn't seen for a very long time.  In the days ahead, he admired her as he would pass by, her smile making his heart flutter inside. Her eyes could melt any man's heart and his heart melted.  Anytime she was in a room his eyes would smile, whether it be the church, the hallway, the office, or the parking lot. 
Although he conscientiously tried to avoid prolonged glances at Faith, he caught himself gazing at her, as she similarly gazed at him.  They exchanged addresses and began writing to each other. It was easier to flirt and express their feelings in writing.  They wrote each other constantly, telling each other they could not stop thinking about one another.  They were falling in love again, just as they had in years past.
But they were not free anymore.  She was married, committed to her husband and family; he was a parish priest, committed to God.

They prayed to God to change the way they felt.  These feelings were not appropriate for a committed Christian wife and a
man of God.  God did not change the way they felt, but He gave them the strength they needed to not succumb to their lustful feelings.  It was an ironic pun that they must remain faithful. Even though it was as painful as plunging daggers through their own hearts, they had to sacrifice the love they had for each other in favor of a greater love to God.

We, as friends of both of them, never questioned the trouble they both were going through. We could see the hardship they had, just not being near each other. It must be painful to let such a yearning go unfulfilled.  At times we could see the look in their eyes, and knew that they are agonizing over their feelings.
 But they could not act on their feelings. She would endanger the whole congregation and he would destroy the lives of her family. They fell in love again, but they knew it was wrong. They had to let it go.

Her apostolic trip was coming to an end. It was so painful, knowing they could never be together in this lifetime. So like precious jewels, they treasured every brief interaction they had. He told her, "Everything about you, my dear, I love and I will always love.  I didn't expect or seek any of this.  It came fast and I knew you had taken control of my heart.  You're the woman I would love to grow old with! "

That day they both gave the simple pure gift they didn't know they are giving – A Sacrifice of Love…  They both believed Christ defined true love when He said that no one has greater love than when one gives his life for his friends. They made a vow that they would always love each other, but in a different way, and they would remain good friends.

I just wanted to share this to all. We can never be truly happy with something that is wrong and we will always be happy with something that is right.  And if a situation calls for us to choose what is right over to what will make us happy, surely happiness will unexpectedly come along in a thousand folds.

Heart and Mind

Heart and Mind

When I met you, my life changed
Don't know when this feeling came
I got out of bed one morning
Shocked about this feeling

It's not right to love you, I know
But I can't force myself to forget you
You gave color to my life
Though I know the time is not right

I told myself to stay away from you
But I can't teach my heart not to love you
This feeling I had for you keeps growing
A reason for me to be afraid of what this could bring

My mind always telling me to let you go
But my heart is always saying "I Love You"
This heart really rules my mind
And that is why I can't stop this feeling inside

Asking God to help me to decide
Which one will I follow Heart or Mind?
God has purpose to what I feel
For He only knows about what is real

One thing in common between my heart and mind
Is that they're both saying what is right
My mind is right and so with my heart
But one thing is for sure, You are a part of my Life

Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Beauty Of True Love

If the beauty of love is like a rose it would be something
that I would not need

The beauty of true love is that it is warmth, kindness and devotion, it is powerful for all the world to see

If the beauty of love was like the sun it would have warmth but day turns to night

The beauty of true love is that it is everlasting, into your life you will always have a beautiful light

If the beauty of love was like the moon so bright, realize it shines for only at night

The beauty of true love is that once it is found it is there to shine every night of your life

If the beauty of love was like the snow, beautiful and
so pure but it melts away

The beauty of true love is that once it is found it remains
so beautiful and so pure for all of your days

The beauty of true love is that it is a promise of devotion

It is a commitment that brings forth kind and gentle emotions

The beauty of true love is you my darling

The blessing that you are to our lives

My love for you is true, committed and will never
falter or waiver
I will ensure that you feel blessed
and have a gentle life, one that you will savor

Forbidden Love

The love that I hold is great from above,
But Jesus informed me its forbidden love.

This love is like having 9 green doves,
Can it truly be forbidden love?

The girl I love is an angel to me,
Her heart has set my spirit free.

I think about her all the time,
all day and night she's on my mind.

I went to Jesus for help you see,
And this is what he said to me.

"You are my brother as you already knew,
your heart is kind, your love is true.

But I must warn you that life's a maze,
as the devil will try to crush your phase."

"Jesus this is much more than a phase,
I shall never get trapped in the light bringers gaze.

My love for her is soulfully true,
Please tell me brother what should I do?"

He smiled and said "you shall see,
If this love is truly meant to be."

As he departed he gave me a hug,
and told me a tale from heaven above.

So now I shall tell you that Angels are doves,
As my heart holds Forbidden Love.

by Holychild